Departure: 09:00 a.m.
Return: 6:00 p.m.
Duration: 9 hours


Departure by speedboat from Vela Luka to island Biševo and anchoring on the island. From the harbor, there is organized transportation with small boats to the cave. After sightseeing and spending time in cave is returning to boat and route to Komiža , a small fishing village, where you will have a lunch and free time. Then visiting Stiniva bay on island Vis where you will have free time to swim. After that we will go visit island Proizd and return to Vela Luka.


100 €
0 to 2 years: free
3 to 8 years: 80 €

Included in price:

  • fuel
  • drinks on boat (0,5l water)
  • professional staff
  • lunch pack
  • insurance for all passengers

In case of bad weather conditions this program could be changed.

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Blue cave – island Biševo unforgetable reflection of clear sea

The Blue cave is pearl of the Adriatic sea and the most attractive sight on the island of Biševo which attracts a large number of tourists. It is the number 1 destination for tourists from all over the world and because of that many people are coming to visit it again. Unfortunately, swimming in the cave is forbidden because of the large number of visitors. Blue cave is 30NM from Vela Luka and it is located in the Baluni bay on the eastern side of Biševo island. It can only be entered with a small boat. Blue cave has an opening on the south side where sunlight passes through. In the morning, sun rays penetrate at the most favorable angle through the Blue cave’s underwater opening, reflecting on the bottom and illuminating the cave with a color paint. We can write a lot about the cave but it must be felt and it is worth visiting. So, contact us with confidence, book your time and experience its beauty in full glory.

Blue Cave interior

Komiža – island of Vis

The town of Komiža is located on the sunny side of the deep bay of the western coast of the island of Vis. It is located at the foot of Hum hill, which is 587 meters high. It is filled with slim stone houses enclosed by narrow calves.
The name of Komiža is mentioned for the first time at the end of the twelfth century. It is the place where the fishing culture of Croatian coast was born.
Komiza is proud of its rich fishing tradition, which is being witnessed today by the Fishermen’s Museum, unique in Croatia, located in the old Venetian tower on the seafront. It features fishing gear and various items related to the fishing tradition of that part of the Adriatic.

Stiniva Vis – Unique natural phenomenon

Stiniva is the most famous and most attractive beach on the island Vis. Stiniva bay is also protected nature reserve. It is located on the south side of the island of Vis. It is interesting if you are looking it from the sea, so many are curious to visit high rocky cliffs behind which is a beautiful beach with old fishermen’s houses. There is a lot to write about this bay, but this beauty has to be felt.
So, contact us with confidence, book your time and experience its beauty in full glory.

Proizd island

The island of Proizd, the beach of the Adriatic sea in 2007, is about half an hour by boat from the center of the town. It is definitely the pearl of the coastline, with the unique whiteness of its beaches, the turquoise sea and the smell of salty freshness to none of the visitor leaves indifferent

The prominent British newspaper Daily Telegraph in the 2009 classified Proid among the 5 most beautiful beaches on Adriatic.
“Bili Boci”, three most beautiful beaches on Proizd island are located on the northern side of the island. From there is a beautiful view of the neighboring island of Hvar and the island of Šćedro.

proizd island croatia