Hike 1: Walk Through 20,000 Years of History

Distance: 15 km, + 665mnv, -665mnv
Walking time: 5h
Weight: Demanding, requires physical storage
Equipment: Suitable footwear, cap or hat, sunscreen, water

From prehistoric cave dwellings, through landscapes shaped for centuries by the cultivation of vines and olives, all the way to the Illyrian and necropolis. If you are ready for a day of hiking and enjoying in nature, you have the opportunity to see all this and find out more. The Neolithic Revolution and the Beginnings of Agriculture, the Conflicts of the Illusion and the Roman Empire and everyday life through the centuries of history will be revealed to you.

Hike 2: Defora – the southern side of the island

Distance: 18 km, + 807mnv, -807mnv
Walking time: 6h
Weight: Demanding, requires physical storage
Equipment: Suitable footwear, cap or hat, sunscreen, water

From the forest paths, old villages to hidden beaches and mountain peaks – this trip has it all. We will walk through the old village of Dub and Potirna, have a chance to swim in the sheltered cove on the south coast of the island and climb up to a couple of prominent peaks of the island of Korcula. At the last hill Hum, at the time of the Habsburg Monarchy, a fort was built that offers a wonderful view in all directions.

Hike 3: Navigate to the estates of Gradina

Distance: 13.2 km, + 338mnv, -338mnv
Walk time: 3:30 h
Weight: Medium
Equipment: Suitable footwear, cap or hat, sunscreen, water

The deep bay of Vela Luka has largely determined the history of the place itself – dealing with fishing, shipbuilding and maritime affairs, Vela Luka has always lived by the sea and from the sea. The prehistoric site of Vela Spila, a thousand year old navy arch in Gradina bay, and picturesque coves and chapels along the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia – all reveal the details of the rich history of the sea life.

Hike 4: Dub – Forgotten Village

Distance: 10.8km, + 460mnv, -460mnv
Walk time: 3:30 h
Weight: Medium
Equipment: Suitable footwear, cap or hat, sunscreen, water

Fifty years ago, the village of Dub still had permanent residents, and the nearby village even had elementary school. Today, almost completely abandoned, Dub can still tell us a story about the way of Dalmatian laborers. Not far from the village, the viewpoint overlooks the southern Korčula islands and the Lastovo islands.

Hike 6: Vela Spila – Ice Age in the Mediterranean

Distance: 3.5km, + 156mnv, -156mnv
Walk time: 1:30 h
Terrain: Sidewalk and road in place, macadam and forest road ramp, Concrete paved road

Above Vela Luka, on the slopes of Mount Pinski rat, there is one of the most archeological sites in the Mediterranean. Through the wooded promenade, we will climb to Vela Spil, where the stratification of the story reveals the story of the lives of our ancestors through the last twenty thousand years and so on, all of the arrival of Homo sapiens on the European continent.