We want you to travel to your destination safe, without worrying about surprises or unexpected things. This section contains the General Rental Conditions that you will be invited to subscribe at our locations when picking up your car. Please, take a look before booking; this way you’ll spare time at the pick-up and you’ll be leaving with peace of mind to your destinations. Thanks!Tourist Info Travel Agency


Rental Information

Free Cancellation: Free cancellation up to 48 hours before arrival.
Traffic Violations, Traffic fines and Administrative Sanctions: Tickets and appended administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Croatia Traffic law during rental period, is solely the renter’s responsibility. If any such administrative sanction is not disclosed to the company at the end of the rental period (contract), the violation will be charged to the renter.
Mileage: Free & unlimited mileage: We do not charge for mileage driven of the hired vehicle.
Croatia taxes: All prices, offers and quotes presented online include 25% Value Added Tax (VAT).
Baby Seat, Infant Seat and Booster Seat: Just inform us about the age of your little member(s) of the family and select the correct type of seat that you require. One piece costs 5 € /day, payable on arrival. Everything is calculated before finishing your reservation.
After-hours deliveries (22:00 – 07:00) are subject to a €20 charge payable on arrival. Returning the vehicle 1h after-hour is free of charge.
First hour delay in return is not charged as long as our company is informed. Next 2 hours are charged at €10 per hour. Over 3 hours delay one day rate will be charged.


Payment will be performed upon arrival at the agency on begging of your rental period, please find payment options:

Valid credit card: Master, Visa, Diners or American Express.
Note: We do accept CASH, American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa for car rental payment. For secure deposit credit card is obligate.
Deposit excess: We will pre-authorize {Depend on car category} on your credit card when you collect your vehicle. This will be automatically released if there is no theft or damage during the rental period. If there is damage to the rental vehicle, you will be liable for up to the first {Depend on car category} of costs and the standard vehicle insurance policy will cover the rest.
All charges on your credit card will be in Croatian Kuna (KN) unless otherwise stated.

Your obligation in case of an car accident

In case of accident, vehicle damage, theft or loss or other similar circumstances the driver is obligated to:

  • Immediately report such incident to the police.
  • Report incident to agency (phone or email).
  • Record all participants in incident.
  • Note: in case smaller accident (scratches or similar) you will need to report it to agency

Unauthorised driver use

  • To rent or to lend Vehicle to third persons.
  • To overload the rented Vehicle with persons or goods over the maximum permitted.
  • To drive the Vehicle outside the permitted countries of use without lessor’s permission.
  • To drive the Vehicle on an unsealed road.
  • To use Vehicle for illegal purposes (such as in connection with criminal deeds, customs or foreign currency offences) for instructing other drivers, for propel or tow Vehicle on trailer or for participation in motorsports events.
  • To give the Vehicle to or permit any person to drive the Vehicle who is not an Authorised Driver registered on rental agreement. This option is not covered by any type os insurance.
  • Incorrect fuel type use

If You fill the Vehicle with an incorrect fuel grade or type You must pay the full cost of any resulting loss or damage. Incorrect fuel grade or type is not covered by any type os insurance.
Return of the car

Return of car instructions

Car needs to be returned during the business hours or agreed time on confirmation voucher that will be provided to You via email. If You return the car outside of the return locations business hours You will be deemed to have returned the Vehicle and the rental charges will continue and You will continue to be liable for damages.
Returning the vehicle 1h late is free of charge.
Customer will be provided with a clean vehicle ready for rental and is supposed to return a vehicle in the same condition.
Excessive dirty vehicle interior or stained upholstery will be charged to the customer locally at the vehicle drop off in the amount of 60€.
No refund for early return of car.
The renter has to return the vehicle with the same level of petrol as delivered.

Costs that are not covered

The renter acknowledges personal liability to pay lessor on his first demand:

  • Indemnity for damages, on the rented car during the rented period and indemnity for the time being lost while the car is under repair
  • Taxes, debt recovery charges, appraisal and assessment fees, towing and Vehicle recovery, storage, service charges, attorney fees for iregular parking traffic or other illegal violation costs. Renter is responsible for traffic violations he caused even after the rental period is finished. Should lessor fix a date when renter should pay any of the above items and should renter fail to keep to this term, renter agrees the amount clue to be covered from his personal property or from his personal revenues without previous sentence by the court.
  • Loss or theft of any personal items from rented Vehicle.
  • If You fill the Vehicle with an incorrect fuel grade or type You must pay the full cost of any resulting loss or damage.
  • The loss of Vehicle is caused by You, by using Vehicle for an illegal purpose.
  • The interior of the Vehicle is damaged regardless of the cause except as a result of collision damage.
  • You have not follow term or condition of this Rental Agreement and that breach has a causal link to loss or damage.
  • Any of original parts/accessories of Vehicle is replaced or missing without agency’s approval
  • If you are driving rented Vehicle under influence drugs or alcohol and Your driving at the time of the event resulting in the loss or damage.
  • If Vehicle is stolen and you have not kept the Vehicle locked when it is not in use and keys under your personal control.
  • If you did provide Vehicle to any person to drive that it is not Authorised driver, registered on first side of this agreement and as results cause damage or loss to Vehicle.
  • Loss of keys

A loss of key fee applies in the amount of the price of the official car dealer. Lost of key is not covered by any type of insurance.