Trekking routes

Trekking routes in the area of Vela Luka
There are four (4) trekking routes in the wider area of Vela Luka, from 1 to 10 kilometers long. Considering the length and the view of the route, you can choose the one which suits you best.

Excursion from Vela Luka

The jewel of the Mediterranean, is located approx. 120km south of Korčula…

The Town of Hvar
Is situated on the western part of the identically named Central-Mediterranean island… . .

The Town of Korčula
Is located 6km from Lumbarda and is connected by a regular bus route…

Is the Central-Mediterranean city at the foot of Marjan significant due to origins in the luxurious palace…

The island of Korčula
Is the most populated and densely forested Middle-Dalmatian island with a fragmented coast and mild Mediterranean…

Vela spila

Location: to the north of the town
Start: at the waterfront in the center, near the pharmacy
Type: tourist
Duration: 30 minutes
Length: 1 kilometre
Level: easy
Map marking: name not mentioned, lined black from the town to the sign for Big Cave
The route leads to the important archeological site Big Cave located above the town. This tourist route, partly marked through the town,starts at the waterfront in the center near the pharmacy and goes up steep road to the top houses. Then, it goes along the concrete path to the cave itself. This part of the route is imagined as a didactic botanical path decorated by pupils of the local primary school. You can also use an asphalt road for returning to the start point. It will take you an hour.

Route Hum – Rojena valo

Location: to the south of the town
Start: from the Jadrolinija agency
Type: hiking
Duration: one hour and twenty minutes
Length: 2,5 kilometers
Level: easy
Map marking: Route Hum
This route leads to the top of Hum hill above Vela Luka. Its name came from the song Rojena valo (“The bay of my birth”) written by Jakša Fiamengo and sang by our famous local singer Oliver Dragojević. As you climb up the route, you gradually get a better view of Vela Luka, the “bay of my birth” which aspired many artists. You can experience a sweeping view of the sea and the surrounding islands from the top. You can also see a military fortress there, built during the Austro-Hungarian rule.

This hiking route is completely marked. It starts from the Jadrolinija agency on the waterfront and goes
down the main road past the Greben shipyard. Then, it turns right on the road behind the shipyard and
300 metres after, you should continue walking up the narrow road towards south.
The main part of the route is in the shade of the woods, which is perfect for summer climbs. During summer nights,a fire protection watch is organized at the top. The guards will receive visitors at the top of the fortress and name all the islands and peninsulas you can see from there.
You can use the asphalt road to return to the start point which will take you one hour and a half.

Route Dub – Ne diraj moju ljubav

Location: to the southeast of the town
Start: from the Jadrolinija agency or the supermarket Tommy
Type: circular hiking
Duration: 3 hours
Length: 8,5 kilometers
Level: medium hard
Map marking: Route Dub
The route leads to an abandoned village called Dub. The route is named after the song Ne diraj moju ljubav (“Don’t mention my love”) written by Vinko Barčot and awarded by jury on the festival of popular music in Split in 2012. The name of this route awakens our nostalgia and reminds us to cherish, love and preserve everything around – the nature, the people and the heritage.
This circular hiking route is completely marked. It starts from the Jadrolinija agency and continues down the main road past the Greben shipyard to the Tommy supermarket. The route continues along the side asphalt road towards the Hum hill. After 500 meters, the route turns to the southeast leading to the crossroad where you can choose the direction of your circular trekking.
Both paths will lead you through the forested areas with interesting views of Dub and the surrounding area.
After the tour of the village Dub, you can return using the same path or you can continue walking along the other path of the circular route. Minutes after, you will get to the olive-grove which offers a wide view of the sea of the southern part of the island.

Sv. Juraj

Location: to the south of the town
Start: from the place Potirna
Type: circular hiking
Duration:1 hour and 10 minutes
Length: 2,5 kilometers
Level: easy
Map marking: Route Saint George
This route leads to the Saint George hill nearby the place of Potirna.
It is named after a traditional klapa song Jedan brod mi jidri (“A boat is sailing”) describing a horizon during summer months when the sea view from the top is full of white sails.
There is a restored medieval chapel of Saint George on the top of the hill. The chapel holds two rows of inscribed crucifixes and a medieval window above the altar with a piece of sarcophagus built into it.
The hiking route is completely marked. It starts on a macadam road in Potirna. At the beginning, it goes through the olive groves and then continues through the pine woods. The macadam road leads you to the chapel on the top. You can return the same way or use a steep trekking path on the southern side of the hill. It will take you to the same macadam road.

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